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Roberta's - Product Index
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#1 MOM Sucker
100 Dollar Bill Chocolate Card
3D Happy Birthday Chocolate Card
3D LOVE Chocolate Card
3D Santa Sucker
40 Sucker
A Star is Born Sucker
Air Ballon Sucker
Alien Ghost Sucker
All American Flag
All American Popcorn
All American Star
Amazing Woman Chocolate
Angel Sucker
Angel Sucker w/ Changeable Hair Color
Aspen Bar
Aspen Bark
Assorted Chocolate Party Tray
Baby Bib Sucker
Baby Bootie Chocolate Covered Oreo
Baby Boy Rattle Sucker
Baby Carriage
Baby Carriage Chocolate Covered Oreo
Baby Carriage Sucker
Baby Girl Rattle Sucker
Baby on the Moon
Baby Rattle
Bacon Truffle
Baptised Sucker
Baptism Sucker
Basketball Sucker
Bass Sucker
Bat Sucker
Bat Sucker
Bat Symbol Sucker
Be Mine Heart Sucker
Bear Mummy Sucker
Beer Mug Sucker
Big Smile Sucker
Bite Size Chocolate Bass
Bite Size Chocolate Fish
Bite Size Chocolate Gold Fish
Blue and Yellow Chocolate Fish
Blue Snowflake Sucker
Boo Ghost Sucker
Boo Ghost Sucker
Boot Sucker
Bridge Mix
Bronco Chocolate Popcorn
Bronco Helmet Pizza
Buffalo Head Sucker
Buffalo Sucker
Bunny Head Sucker
Bunny Solid Standing
Bunny W Bow Sucker
Bunny w/ Egg Basket Sucker
Butterfly Sucker
Calla Lilly Sucker
Candy Cane Sucker
Candy Cane w/ Bow Sucker
Candy Cane W/ Holly Sucker
Candy Corn Carrot
Cape Man Head
Cape Man Sucker
Caramel Pecan Patty Covered in Bacon
Carebear Sucker
Cat Sucker
Changing Robot
Children's Chocolate Moose Apron
Chocoalte Wii Controller
Chocoholic Survival Pill
Chocolate #1 Golfer Card
Chocolate Acorn Box
Chocolate Aspirin
Chocolate Baby Bottle
Chocolate Bank of Trust Check
Chocolate Baseball Oreo
Chocolate Basket of Easter Eggs Sucker
Chocolate Basketball Oreo
Chocolate Bell Coffee Stirrer
Chocolate Blue Eyed Lamb Sucker
Chocolate Bowling Ball and Pins
Chocolate Box W/ Rose
Chocolate Bride and Groom
Chocolate Bride and Groom Plaque
Chocolate Bunny Box
Chocolate Bunny Flat with Frosting
Chocolate Bunny Sucker
Chocolate Bunny Sucker
Chocolate Bunny w/ Carrot
Chocolate Bunny with White Chest
Chocolate Buzz
Chocolate Carrot Sucker
Chocolate Cell Phone
Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies
Chocolate Christmas Mouse
Chocolate Christmoose
Chocolate Coconut Cup
Chocolate Columbine Sucker
Chocolate Cornucopia
Chocolate Covered Bacon
Chocolate covered pretzel w/ peanutbutter chips
Chocolate Covered pretzel w/ reeses pieces
Chocolate Covered Wagon Sucker
Chocolate Cow
Chocolate Cross
Chocolate Cross Sucker
Chocolate cross w/ roses
Chocolate Daisy Sucker
Chocolate Deviled Egg
Chocolate Doc Card
Chocolate Eagle
Chocolate Easter Egg Sucker
Chocolate Easter Egg w/Bow Sucker
Chocolate Fish Sucker
Chocolate Flat head
Chocolate Flip Flop
Chocolate Flip Phone
Chocolate Foiled Filled Eggs
Chocolate Foiled Heart
Chocolate Foiled Heart Box
Chocolate Foiled Lips Sucker
Chocolate Foiled Love Heart Sucker
Chocolate Football Oreo
Chocolate Football Sucker
Chocolate Fudge Pop
Chocolate Ghost Box
Chocolate Ghost Sucker
Chocolate Girl Cherry Enhanced
Chocolate Gold
Chocolate Golden Turkey
Chocolate Golf Clubs Sucker
Chocolate Graham Cracker Covered in Bacon
Chocolate Hammer
Chocolate Happy Easter Sucker
Chocolate Happy Face Sucker
Chocolate Haunted House
Chocolate Heart Box w/ Bow
Chocolate Hockey Puck
Chocolate Horse Head Sucker
Chocolate Ipod
Chocolate Iris Sucker
Chocolate Kiss Sucker
Chocolate Lips
Chocolate Love Heart Sucker
Chocolate Male Pilgrim
Chocolate Marshmallow Covered in Bacon
Chocolate Matchbox Cars
Chocolate Mermaid
Chocolate Mini Malt Balls
Chocolate Mom Heart Sucker
Chocolate Mom Sucker
Chocolate Monkey
Chocolate Moose
Chocolate Moose Apron-Adult
Chocolate Moose Hot Pad
Chocolate Moose Mug
Chocolate Moose Oven Mitt
Chocolate Moose Pudding Cake
Chocolate Movie Ticket
Chocolate Mug Sucker
Chocolate Nurse Chocolate Card
Chocolate Nutcracker
Chocolate Oreo Soccer Ball
Chocolate Oreo Sunflower
Chocolate Pansy Sucker
Chocolate Peanutbutter Cup
Chocolate Popcorn
Chocolate Princess Sucker
Chocolate Pumpkin
Chocolate Remote
Chocolate Rice Krispy Sucker
Chocolate Ring
Chocolate Rocky Road Cup
Chocolate Rooster
Chocolate Rose Box
Chocolate Rose Coffee Stirrer
Chocolate Rose Sucker
Chocolate Santa
Chocolate Santa In Chimney
Chocolate Saw
Chocolate Screwdriver
Chocolate Sign
Chocolate Ski Boot
Chocolate Skier Sucker
Chocolate Skis
Chocolate Smores Cup
Chocolate Snowflake Box
Chocolate Stand-up Christmas Tree
Chocolate Stand-up Santa
Chocolate Starfish
Chocolate Sunflower Sucker
Chocolate Sweet Tooth
Chocolate Toothbrush
Chocolate Toothpaste Tube
Chocolate Tower
Chocolate Toy Soldier
Chocolate Triple 7 Jackpot Machine
Chocolate Tulip Sucker
Chocolate Turkey
Chocolate Victorian Heart
Chocolate Wedding bell
Chocolate Wine Sauce
Chocolate Wrench
Chocolate Yellow Ducky Sucker
Christmas Sprinkle Sucker
Chubby Girl Betty
Cindy's Sinfully Chocolate Brownies
Circle Holly Sucker
Colorado Flag Bar
Colorado Gold
Colorado Gold Bar
Colorado Mud
Colorful Baby Monsters
Computer Sucker
Cow Sucker
Crab Sucker
Crocodile Sucker
Cupid Sucker
Daisy Sucker
Dark Chocolate Almond Bar
Dark Chocolate Bar
Dark Chocolate Caramel Cashew Patty
Dark Chocolate Caramel Marshmallow Patty
Dark Chocolate Caramel Pecan Patty
Dark Chocolate Cherry Bar
Dark Chocolate Coffee Bar
Dark Chocolate Fruit and Nut Bar
Dark Chocolate Lemon Bar
Denture Sucker
Denver Daisy
Denver Mint Truffle
Dollar Sign Sucker
Double Dipped Oreo with Bacon
Double- Dipped Peanuts
Double Heart Sucker
Double Stick Popsicle Sucker
Double-Dipped Malt Balls
Dragon Sucker
Drizzle Snowflake Sucker
Duck and Daisy Sucker
Eagle Head Sucker
Easter Truffle Nest (8)
Elephant Sucker
Fat Cat
Feliz Dia De Los Padres Chocolate Card
Female Chocolate Pilgrim
Fire and Ice Popcorn
Fire Hydrant Sucker
Firetruck Sucker
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